Semalt's "Dedicated SEO Dashboard" Is The Way Forward In Digital Marketing

Table of Content

  1. Introduction
  2. Semalt's Dedicated SEO Dashboard
  3. Important Segments of the Dedicated SEO Dashboard
  4. Conclusion

1. Introduction

Semalt remains at the forefront when it comes to SEO and digital marketing and they still don't show any sign of relenting. Their newly designed "Dedicated SEO Dashboard" is the new "IT" in the SEO realm and that's not surprising giving the game-changing effect of the system.

Semalt isn't a new name in the world of digital marketing but still, a little introduction might be needed for the few who are still aware of them. Semalt is a full-stack digital agency that provides top-notch SEO, web development, web analytics, and e-commerce development services to companies / businesses, webmasters, and of course, SEO agencies. Their new SEO tool called the Dedicated SEO Dashboard is a revolutionary tool that makes it possible for all to own and manage their site effectively at a cheap price. 

Their price point is so much cheaper than Ubersuggest, Semrush, Ahrefs, Moz, and the likes, yet, their digital product offers just as much quality. You might wonder why they offer such quality products like the Dedicated SEO Dashboard at such an affordable price. Well, it's because they aim to make quality digital marketing services available to all, regardless of the size of their pocket.

This article will take you through the nitty-gritty of the new Dedicated SEO Dashboard, make you understand how you can use it to boost your business and why it is a must-have for you. 

2. Semalt's Dedicated SEO Dashboard

Creating an Account / Logging In

It is quite easy for you to set up an account on Semalt. So, let's get started. You can either create an account (username / password) just for Semalt, or you can sign in with your Google or Facebook account. Just like any other website that lets you sign in with Google or Facebook, if you use Google / Facebook to log in, your personal details from there will be engrafted on Semalt and used to create your account. If you are not comfortable with your personal information being out there, you should create an account on Semalt using a new username and password. 

Once you create your account, the following will pop up:
  • Account Bar
  • Language
  • Support
  • The Dedicated SEO Dashboard
The Dedicated SEO Dashboard is our main focus here but we can briefly touch on the first three. These three are the customization options available to you after you log in each time. They make everything you need on the Semalt tool available to you without stress. The three bars can be found at the upper right-hand corner of your Semalt page.

The "Account Bar" option is where you can change your account information (if need be) and access your data downloads. There are currently 5 different languages you can choose as your preferred language. So, the "Language" dropdown allows you to change your preferred language. Finally, we have the "Support" bar. The Support bar allows you to call on Semalt representatives if you have a question or concern that requires the assistance of the customer support team.

3. Important Segments of the Dedicated SEO Dashboard

The last section is the Dedicated SEO Dashboard which is the main thing. The Dedicated SEO Dashboard has 7 important segments. They are: 

  • Website List

This is where you'll find the list of all projects you're managing, be it one or more. If you are working on multiple projects around the same period, you can click this website list tab to navigate between them all. This ease-of-navigation ensures that your dashboard is well optimized for efficiency. It makes your work so much easier and better organized. And you know what? You can also include your competitors in this list so you can keep a close tab on them and use their data to improve your site.  

To add websites to the website list, all you need to do is click the "add website button". After clicking the "add website button", type the domain name into the query and submit it. You can also submit or upload a text list so you don't have to individually submit each item. And of course, you should remember to include important keywords by typing them in as well. Once you have included the domain, the program's query does the rest. All you have to do next is to filter through and select the information you need.

  • The Dashboard

The dashboard itself gives you an overview of everything that you have implemented into the program so you can easily monitor all your campaigns. This dashboard shows you everything going on with your site or sites. From trends to changes to top keywords, you will be provided with sufficient data. The given data can point you in the right direction concerning what to do to improve your site(s) productivity. 

  • SERP

SERP is an acronym for the SEO term "Search Engine Results Pages". It refers to the results you obtain when you search for any term on Google or any other search engine. When you click the SERP bar, a dropdown menu will appear with the following:

  • Keywords in TOP
  • Best Pages
  • Competitors
"Keywords in TOP" will show you your website's rank for your core search terms and how they are distributed. The "Best Pages" will show you which of your webpages are performing the best as well as how they are ranking in real-time. The "Competitors" will show you how other websites are competing with your core keywords and how you are performing compared to them.

  • Webpage Analyzer

The Webpage Analyzer gives you an optimization score after analyzing how you are faring in some specific SEO categories. It gives you any score from 0 - 100. The closer you are to 100, the better your page is doing. Using the grading system, you will be given a website performance breakdown. Here are the five categories in the breakdown:
  • All Audits
  • Successful Audits
  • Errors
  • Warnings
  • Basic Info 
When you click on any of those, it takes you to the result and helps you identify the specific issues lowering your webpage score. You can either look at what is working (Successful Audits) or what needs working on (Errors and Warnings). You can even look at what everyone else can see (the basic information).

  • Page Speed

The Page Speed will tell you how fast it will take your page to download from a desktop or mobile device. It goes over how long it takes for your website to download on different devices. All errors can be found under "Errors to Fix". After the page loads your result, it will give you a score and show you how to fix some of the errors that are on your website. The information given is color-coded so you can easily spot the issues. When you are looking at the score - 90-100 is green, 50-89 is orange and 0-49 is red. Green means that there is no issue, orange means that your website is relatively okay while and red means that there's a big issue that needs prompt attention. Upon clicking the bar, you'll notice a "learn more" link under every issue. The link contains information you can learn on how to fix each issue.

  • Report Center

The Report Center helps you generate reports on all the sites you manage. There are five different sections in the report center bar and they carry out specific functions. They are:
  • Create Report: "Create report" simply creates the report right on the spot. It gives you a report based on an implemented parameter.
  • Create Delivery Schedule: "Create delivery schedule" automates a report on the date you schedule for the creation of the report. 
  • Report Delivery Schedule: "Report delivery schedule" holds the reports created autonomously and sends the reports through email to people at the scheduled time.
  • White Label Template: "White label template" and the "delivery template" customize the reports according to your brand.
  • Delivery Template: "Delivery template" customizes the scheduled reports and sends them to the handlers' email(s). 

4. Conclusion

Semalt's Dedicated SEO Dashboard is just that affordable and effective tool you need as a business owner, webmaster, or SEO agency. This top-class SEO tool by Semalt is set to impact your business positively if you seize this opportunity. So, switch to Semalt's Dedicated SEO Dashboard and watch your stress turn to naught while your business keeps booming.